Wednesday, July 6, 2011

 Serendipity is the art of making an unsought finding.
- Pek van Andel
I am an open for adventure person willing to see what happens when I say yes to an invitation, when I walk through the next door...  You can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by a sponsor of the art show who revealed he was quite taken by my  Dressing Gown to Filter Out Bad Chi.
In fact he said he had gone back to look at my wearable art object more than once and wanted to know if I was going to attend the First Friday Open Gallery in Rochester that week.

Dressing Gown to Filter Out Bad Chi

shown here at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) & The Surface Design Association present 28 artworks that expand the definition of fiber art

We did meet at the gallery and spoke for the better part of an hour about the process and concept behind my artwork as well as my journey as an artist.  Content with that discussion he asked if I would be agreeable to his visiting me in my studio space in my home in Clarence, NY.

  It is impossible to get to know me without breaking bread with me so I invited him to arrive in time for a small meal we shared my al fresco on my deck as we spoke.

 Here of some of the images he shared with me from our meeting on May 27th 2011.
Sanctuary -
steel wire, wool yarn, bees wax, burning with fire, paper pulp, rust, my hair, a paper wasp built a nest in my sanctuary
Hat with floral elements made from up-cycled used paper coffee filters.

silk screen patterns

talking about the process
how my vision will manifest in my art work
Here I am sharing the vision with Rome for my new collection of art work which will include silk screened images on used coffee filters.  Some of the works will be garments as a metaphor for people along with a variety of 2 -D and 3-D art works.

These series of images caused me to blush when I saw how deeply I was willing to share my emotions for this new collection.
Samples of experiments with the casting molds of my form that will eventually work their way into my art work at the appropriate time.
Special thanks to Rome Celli for capturing and sharing these  images of  my passion and creative energy in my studio.

Since this is the begining of a rather large on going art project up-cycling used coffee filters I would appreciate anyone willing to help me gather materials.   Simply dump the used coffee grounds, preferable into a composting container, then store the used filters in a water proof bag.  Perhaps the freezer would be a good place to prevent molds and keep the odors down until you let me know it is time to pick them up.  I do all the washing and ironing of each filter.

Your help is deeply appreciated and you will have a vested interest in my art project. Location of gallery where this work will be show will be announced at a later date.

Have a Very Creative Day,   Carol

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