Friday, August 30, 2013

Rhapsody in Blue

Rice Rafferty Couture Accessories
Rhapsody in Blue Series

Pill Box Hat 

Blue Organza Floral Embellishment

Luxurious Tulle dyed in shades of blue accented with faux blue seed pearls and a feather.
Captivating blue sparkle fascinator is embellished with blue Russian Veiling and Tulle and feathers.

Luscious layers of Tulle dyed in shade of blue accented with faux blue seed pearls.
Layers of blue Tulle Cocktail Hat accented with three feathers.

Three blue Organza Floral Embellishments, blue faux seed pearls and feathers create a stunning head piece.
The reverse side of each Rice Rafferty product is as skillfully finished as the front. 

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