Monday, June 27, 2011

"Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe." — Rumi

 I have the pleasure to lead a workshop 
Saturday June 25th. 2011 
Silk Painting 
 Hyatt's All Things Creative 
910 Main St.
 Buffalo, NY .   

The students gathered at 11:00 am to learn the basics of how to work with the Jacquard Silk Painting Kit available at the Hyatt's Stores.

 The week before the class I contacted each student with sample images of my work as well as links they could view for creative inspiration.

 Each student was asked to create numerous sketches developed from sections of  these works or something that speaks to them so they were ready to get started as soon as they arrived.

                          First I demonstrated numerous ways to attach the silk to a variety of framing devices.

                         Next I demonstrated how to apply the resist to create the desired design patterns.

                          Soon the students were enjoying seeing their designs come to life in living color.

While they painted with silk dyes I demonstrated various textural effects they could achieve by adding water, salts or rubbing alcohol.

Although the time during the three hour workshop passed quickly I made sure all of their questions or concerns were address before anyone left the group.

After a rush of preparation each person felt the relaxing joy of creative energy.  
 They each left with a sample size piece of art work, their own Jacquard Silk Painting Kit and  the confidence to continue to work on larger pieces at home.

They also have my contact information in case more questions arise in the future ;~)

If you have a small group that would be interested in any of my workshops please feel          free to contact me with special requests.  


Monday, June 20, 2011

"Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards." Author: unknown

" Remember...

Stressed spelled 

backwards is Dessert "


A visit to New Orleans is a great way to forget about life for awhile.  There is so much music, food, laughter and fun that your cares will surely melt away in the merriment. 

Sorry we did not learn the name of this talented group of musicians playing on the corner on St. Peter St. right outside of the fresh food market that offered a wonderful selection of fruits, veggies, 
cheeses as well as wine and beer.

                                     Night time on Bourbon Street Statue ala New Orleans flavor ;~)
                                       Many women set themselves free on Bourbon St. in New Orleans ;~)

                                                                    Killing Me Softly
There are almost too many talented artists competing for your singing, music and dancing dollars in clubs, bar, cafe's and out in the street.

                                                 Interesting mix of Religious and Voodoo cultures.

                     Roach   -You are going to see a bug like this when you are in the south.

                             These precious little angels are enjoying a break from morning classes to dance.
                                         When the Saints Go March In  - Louis Armstrong

                                                           Art for sale @ Jackson Square

 This cemetery is lovingly cared for by a group of volunteers.
A nice man took us to this open grave for a look inside.

 Because there was so much vandalism this grave is left open for curious people to see inside the tombs.
Lafayette Cemetery Number 1 
1400 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70115

Right across the street from this cemetery is the Commanders Palace. 
 " Particular attention was paid to the heart and soul of the restaurant; the kitchen and the dishes created there. Commander's cuisine reflects the best of the city, both Creole and American heritages as well as dishes of Commander's own creating. Seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables; everything is as fresh as it possibly can be."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"What we play is Life." Louis Armstrong

St Joan of Arc
"What we play is Life."  Louis Armstrong

The people of France gave the golden bronze statue of Joan of Arc to the City of New Orleans in 1972. (Note: This statue is an exact copy of the famous 1880 Emmanuel Fremiet equestrian statue of Joan located at Place des Pyramides, Paris.) This statue was originally located in front of the International Trade Mart building but it was moved in 1999 to its present location of the 'Place De France" on Decatur Street in the French Quarter next to the French Market on Decatur Street.

New Orleans is wonderful playground of music and food.
New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park
Preserves the origins, early history, development and progression of jazz: includes information on facilities and programs.

Every visit to New Orleans must include rest at Cafe Du Monde.

These workers are busy all day

The tables and air are sticky with the sweet taste of confection sugar and chicory flavored coffee.
Jimi waiting patiently for his coffee and beignets.

Here is a link for some recipes to try making these famous fried dough at home.
The dough has an distinct taste of baking soda that is offset by the confection sugar. One order of beignets was more than enough for two to share.

I ordered the salad while Jim enjoyed the Oyster Poor Boy when we stopped to enjoy lunch in outdoor restaurant The Gazebo Cafe. The music entertainment is wonderful.   While you are here you might want to try the deep fried alligator. 

 Savory Seafood Cheesecake was an excellent snack to share @ the Crescent City Brewhouse
French Quarter: 527 Decatur across from Jackson Square.  We enjoyed this with at Beer Sampler.

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