Wednesday, October 3, 2012

“The wedding veil is at once sacred and seductive“ Vera Wang

A Wedding Headpiece: Juliet Cap
A Juliet cap sits at the crown of your head, and can be adorned with pearls, beading, or any other materials that coordinate with your gown. You can wear a Juliet cap alone, or use it to attach a veil. Juliet cap is a small open-work crocheted or mesh cap, often decorated with pearls, beads or jewels, and chiefly worn with evening gowns or as bridal wear. 

Since its popularization in the 1920's some of the most chic and elegant women have chosen a version of the Juliet Cap veil for their big day, including……The epitome of chic Jacqueline Kennedy in 1953 and of course the beautiful and radiant Grace Kelly in 1956

The cap is named after the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

An article in Every Woman's Encyclopaedia (London, 1910) suggested:
"For evening wear a favorite and becoming adornment for the hair is a cap made after the fashion of that worn by the hapless heroine of the world's best known love story. Juliet caps hold their place as fashions come and go, and, although somewhat expensive trifles to buy may be made up by artistic and clever fingers at very little cost, and shaped to suit individual styles."

And it seems it is having something of a revival today, as more and more brides (not just Kate Moss) turn to this icon of a bygone era to complete their wedding day look. 

Because we make can make every piece to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see. 
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the veil shown.

Allow Kara and Carol Ann to help you with your wedding veil design.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Everybody's beautiful In their own way Under God's heaven The world's gonna find a way. " Ray Stevens

 Since my long break from regular posting I have had a series of life changing events that have opened my creative energies for a service I am passionate about and very capable of filling the need with compassion.

Two years ago after much testing I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010.  

I can tell you for sure, "When Momma has breast cancer the entire family deals with breast cancer."

 Long story shortened both of my son and my daughter got married within this past year.

How do cancer care and weddings go together you might be thinking right now?

I'll tell you my experience with numerous doctor visits and hospital surgeries for breast cancer has opened my eyes to many lovely ladies who are choosing not to hide their hair loss from chemotherapy under a wig.

 Yes, you can be very bald and very beautiful.
As many of you are aware my daughter Kara and I teamed our artistic abilities to launch a cottage industry in my home/ studio in Clarence, NY.  We named our indie designer partnership Rice Rafferty because that is our touchstone Rice my maiden name is Kara's middle name. And Rafferty of course we shared as our last name.  

Rice Rafferty Couture Accessories been steadily building sales from customers who want something special.

Women who are either not happy with what they see in the stores, want to have have input to their own custom made one of a kind design over mass produced goods or have a special need item made just for them.  Slowly we have been building customers from word of mouth along with return satisfied repeat customers.

" Design a veil for a bride who is presently without hair. " was the latest design request brought to our attention.
 We knew our bride does not want to wear a wig yet she wants to wear something pretty to feel festive on her special day.  Here are a few examples we have designed with our beautiful bride in mind.  

This veil is made of soft tulle and can be made in white, ivory or any shade.   Keep in mind the veil is made to measure so we can make it any length you wish.

We added a Bridal Tiara in the first image for a touch of excitement. 

The second image shows the back view where the veil is tied behind the head inspired by long tresses of hair gathered in a soft ribbon.

 In the third image we attached our handmade peony flower embellished with a feather.  Each flower is handmade so it can be created in any shade or size.  This lovely peony is 4.5" wide created in ivory and champagne chiffon accented with seed pearls.

Kara and I look forward to working with you to make your wedding or special occasion dream designs come true.  

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We look forward to hearing from and working with you soon ;~)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Metaphors & Memories

Metaphors & Memories by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty

Hilbert College - McGrath Library.
5200 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, New York.

On display until the May 1, 2012

The college will be holding an artist reception
April 26, 2012 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Gallery hours are as listed:

Monday -Thursday: 8am-10pm
Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11am-4pm

It is with deep appreciation to Hilbert College for the invitation that my selected works created over 10 years are for the first time gathered in one place for public viewing.

Many pieces have been included in the following art show; Fiberart Intrnational 2007, Craftforms Intentional 2006, Northeast Regional Contemporary Fiber Exhibition Rochester Contemporary Art Center 2011, Re.Cycle.fiber 2010, Paper or Plastic 2009, Runway 4.0 2011 as well as other local and International shows.

Dream Some - 2009 is a  face mask I created from discarded lottery tickets I picked up from being litter on the ground around a gasoline station while I lived in Savannah, Georgia while I was studying in the Graduate Fiber Program at Savannah College of Art & Design.  

Money was a huge issue with graduate students, myself included, the program was expensive $3000 a class at that time.  Even with the Fellowship Grant the college awarded me for my studies I was always aware of the cost of my educational experience.

The stock market had crashed in Fall 2008 and many people with advanced degrees plus years of work experience suddenly found themselves unemployed.  Many students shared their fears and frustrations of mounting student loan some reaching $150,000 in pursuit of the MFA degree at SCAD.

Would they ever find jobs doing the art work they loved?  How would the pay back the burden of mounting student loans?  Part of what led the students to study in MFA program was dissatisfaction with low paying jobs after they earned the bachelors degree.  Once they were in the program many felt there was no turning back, they had no choice but to push forward and dream of brighter days.

All of my art work begins with a creative vision.  

Dream Some 2009 came to me as I was walking around the town of Savannah, Georgia.    Troubled times from the stock market crashing, rising unemployment and rising gasoline prices weighed heavy on everyone's head.  Was it about Wall St. what about Main St. ?

As I walked I noticed many lottery tickets littered on the ground after they were found to be useless to the one who had once eagerly traded their hard earned money for the short lived dream of being rich.  Once the ticket was deemed useless it was thrown on the ground as trash.

I could see this mask in my minds eye as I gathered together all the broken dreams of these lottery ticket buyers.  Metaphorically I gathered these people into my head, my hands and my heart then began to cut, weave and fashion their discarded dreams into this mask that represents anyone who dares to Dream Some.
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