Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Sure and begorrah", "would you look at that". Happy St Patrick's Day Parade, Bufflao, NY 2010

Great day for the Irish @ St. Patrick's Day parade 2:00 Sunday March 14, 2010
Buffalo, New York.

This gent a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians tipped his hat and flashed a warm Irish smile as we arrived at the parade.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these " Curly Girl" wigs ;~)
Gotta get me one someday, I promise myself every year...

Love the dresses and the dancing ...

I know one of these young ladies ...

Miss Allie is an After School Group Leader where we work with middle school students. She teaches the students Irish Step Dancing @ program.
Some Pooches walked in the parade.

This pampered pooch had a good time being held as a spectator watching the other dogs march.

Wearing of the green on steroids ;~)

I have no response to this, however, it needs to be in the post.

How do these " Curly Girls" stay upright on a moving open flatbed truck and still keep dancing ?

This colorful vendors cart caught my eye.

Bagpipe music gives me chills, plus these kilts the beginning of a lot of questions, are a necessary element for this parade.

Mans best friend ;~)

Guy with an eye for invention.

This little doggies name is Ta Da!!!! she marched in the parade;~)

Drunkard Irish version of the Chinese Lion Dance...

I love the vendor carts ;~) the colors, the textures add an element to the parade.
Fruits of Jim's loom ;~)

After the parade the sun came out for a few minutes. What started out as a raw, rain & snowflake morning ended up being a great day for the Irish and everyone that is Irish at heart

We made a quick stop at The Stillwater on Delaware Ave. to take a rest and send out a mass text greeting to my friends ...

One quick pic to document the moment then Barry took us all out to dinner at Kostas on Hertel Ave. for Greek food.
I ordered the lamb souvlaki with whole wheat pita bread my favorite ;~)
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010 to one and all ;~)

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