Friday, April 9, 2010

The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true.

Yesterday I entered a new phase of making my dreams come true ;~)

Playing with fabric, cutting patterns, sewing clothing for my dolls then for myself has been my passion since I was a little girl.

The first garment I made was a shift dress cut from old, floral, scrap, upholstery fabric when I was around ten years old. I was so proud of my first attempt to create a garment; reading the pattern, following the directions and learning to use a sewing machine on my own. My grandmother, Clara Rice, made me a white polka dots on sailor blue cotton background, tent dress that she had sewn by hand. My curiosity was whetted and the journey to teach myself to sew began.

Eagerly showing my grandmother and Aunt Mary Rice my first sewing project they turned the garment inside out and began to critique the mistakes in the my project. With all the diligence I used to practice learning to do a perfect cartwheel in my front yard I practiced, over and over, making mistakes after mistake, until I finally became confident with my sewing skills.

As a student @ Canevin High School 1970- 1974 most of the garments in my closet were the work of my hands. I had learned to knit, crochet and sew skirts, dresses, vests, and jackets to build my wardrobe. Never taking any of the home economics classes offered in high school I allowed the fear of another gruesome critique to keep me from registering in the classes.
Instead I taught myself to make a garment learning from each delicious mistake.

As a wedding present from my parents I requested and received a sewing machine. Gradually, during the years when I worked, got married and had Barry and Kara I my sewing machine gathered dust. In 1985, Jim's; Aunt Katie and Uncle George brought me a luscious piece of buffalo check, ivory and black, Irish wool fabric back from their vacation. After studying ready made skirts in the Irish Shop, Station Square in Pittsburgh, then selecting a pattern I made a beautiful skirt for myself that is still in my closet. It turned out so well that they asked me to make a skirt for both of Jim's sister; Maripat and Susie from additional wool fabric they had purchased.

I had discovered the "Me-ness of Me" as I called it when I got behind my sewing machine.

While working at my sewing machine I feel the freedom of a WWI flying ace.
I imagine myself to be flying in the open air cockpit, helmet on, scarf flapping behind me in the wind focused on my mission.

My Collection Ultra Feminine Warrior is the culmination of many years of sewing practice, education and following my dream to dye my own fabrics creating wearable art object, garments and accessories.

Simple wrap dress is made of 100% habotai silk, dyed a spring green can be wrapped in multiple ways to create a few different looks from one garment. Adorned with a bib necklace - see my blog for concept details...

available on our etsy shop

Kara is modeling my turquoise 100% silk charmeuse one shoulder tunic, hand stitched construction, adorned with up cycled jewelry embellishment. The longer skirt is Light Bubbled Gauze 100% Silk, elastic waist band for comfort and easy fit. Her outfit is accessorized with a bib necklace and bracelets made of ivory tulle inspired by a gauntlet with fiber optic lights as a focal point.
This short and sassy, elastic waist skirt is 100% Light Bubbled Gauze Silk adorned with an ivory tulle embellishment embedded with fiber optic lights.

Turquoise 100% silk, one shoulder, tunic offers the perfect background for this ivory, tulle, tutu embedded with floral elements and fiber optic lights is sure to gain attention on the dance floor ;~)

You will be a Lady of mystery wearing this ivory, veiled headdress for the times you need to work incognito is embedded with spring green, silk floral elements and fiber optic lights that will keep you from being overlooked when you crave attention. Perfectly paired with this spring green, 100 % habotai silk dress can be worn in several ways will add intrigue to you dressing pleasure.

Over sized tutu art object hand stitched from many yards of 100% tulle is light, airy and just plan fun to wear embedded with silk floral elements and fiber optic lights. Shown here worn over a rich copper, 100 % silk chemise. Detach the snaps and wear the tutu anyway you wish ;~)

My collection Ultra Feminine Warrior along with the work of Buffalo State College Fashion Majors and Design students will be featured in Runway 3.0 May 1st 2010 see links below for more information.

How do you describe the fruits of immeasurable, creative energy, woman hours in just two minutes??? You just do it !!!
some images of my work in progress stage in my home studio along with the work of Buffalo State College Fashion and Design students.

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