Thursday, March 31, 2011

" One man's trash is another man's treasure

" One man's trash is another man's treasure
As one woman's junk gives others pleasure."   Tom Zart poem Garage Sale
The inspiration to make the "Trashions" from the shopping bags came while I listened to NPR radio as I worked long hours in my studio.  I was applying for a work positions during the summer of 2009.

People called into the radio interviews with horror stories about how the economic recession, stock market crash 2008  was ruining their plans to retire, downsizing, layoffs, growing unemployment of people my age no matter how much education, experience or skills they possessed.

I began thinking people were in such economic distress that we would be have to make our garments from the throw away bags.

Playing in my studio I taught myself a way to melt layers of bags together creating my own "material."

Land and Sea # 1

Using plastic shopping bags that I has collected from recycling bins I cut, melted or sewed the seams together to create a unique garment that is the result of a near-total transformation of the material.

Land and Sea # 2

The color of the plastic bags influences the design of the dresses.  
 For example, "Land and Sea #2," the blue and neutral hues reminded me of sand and sea during the many hours I spent alone on Tybee Island in Savannah, Ga.

This dress is inspired by a 'Mandarin Wind,' a tropical hibiscus plant I bought for myself in Savannah to make me feel happy.  The bright, red orange hues provided me with a joyful feeling while I explored making small samples for graduate classes I was taking at Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Mandarin Wind


               Hula inspired by grass skirts and leis begs to be put into a dancing motion.
This dress was made by my daughter, Kara, inspired by the Lady Gaga's meat dress at the Video Music Awards September 2010.
                                       Meat Dress  was designed by Franc Fernandez's

Using clothing as a metaphor for shared as well as personal concerns,

"I am creating beauty from ashes, seeing positive in negative, using throwaways to create something of value."

            Come see Hula and Gaga dancing on live models at the VIP evening party. Mandarin Wind and both Land and Sea Dresses will be part of a display in VIP lounge along with work from Fiber Design students.
             I am looking forward to the show and talking with you about my collection.


Buffalo State College
 Runway 4.0 Diversity Mash Fashion Show

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