Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"If you love something, set it free; if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was. " Anonymous

For the past three weeks I have been sorting through items that I am ready to set free. I have always been a very sentimental keeper of cards and gifts so when I get the urge to purge my family applaudes my efforts. Maybe taking a hoarder who is in the middle of giving things away t may be about as good as taking person detemined to lose weight to the Chocolate Factory in Hershey, Pa. Ecstatic to be off work Saturday morning Kara pulled me out to her car insisting we were going to the kick off the weekend by with a visit to Antique World. Always happy to spend time with Kara, not wanting to disappoint her, I said YES !!! http://www.antiqueworldmarket.com/

Kara had been here before so she knew what to expect. I've lived here for ten years, this was my first visit to what can only be described as an extraordinary amount of antiques, nearly antique, some gently used and nearly new items. Kara parked a few blocks away down Main St. giving me time to wonder if I really wanted to keep walking into the direction of the crowds. In addition to the regular vendors who rent spaces for sales all year long, the first weekend of every month, extra dealers bring goods to an Open Market that really fills the lots with enthusiastic buyers and sellers.

As soon as we arrived Kara recognized her friend Crystal, after exchanging greetings, I went off to explore on my own while they talked. Table after table of jewelry, dishes, clocks, camp equipment, a Victorian fainting divan, rocking chairs, hats, garments, books, DVDs, sports equipment, and old school desks abound. Items were lined up around the grounds resembling the repetitive background of a Flinstone cartoon rolling the same images over and over and over again. I was surprised to see the reasonably inexpensive prices marked on items that flooded my head with memories of my childhood.

A metal food grinder, that I still have, like the one we used to make Cranberry Orange Relish every Thanksgiving and Christmas was a mere $5. The glass and brass Anniversary Clock I bought in 1974 for $100, still a cherished item on my mantel, was available in a variety of styles for only $10. When Kara caught up to me, she was amazed at how this Open Market was a nostalgic trip for me down memory lane .

One lady had a complete collection of vintage Barbie Dolls including my treasured Enchanting Evening Barbie in a pink, satin gown with a faux fur stole. Nice, however, I still have the one that kept me preoccupied in my imaginary designing world for untold hours at play. It has never been easy for me to a part with an old friend.

One vendor was wrapping a complete set of emamel camping dishes as his fellow vendors looked on in horror when he confessed the sale price was $5. He did not intend to take anything back home with him at the end of the day he explained. Yes, kids it is a buyers market out there.

More shoes, fur coats, velvet hats, decorative china cups and saucers, table linens, embroderied napkins, aprons and bed linens, and dresser trays. .Jewelry; old, new, costume and some rather nice delicate gold pieces were available for very low prices. Some venders were marking goods buy one get one half off.

Another section of the Open Market is where the permanent vendors rent space to sell all during the year. This section appealed to the serious collector. I stopped at the G I Joe table to see if they had the Frogman costumed action figure. They did not and I was not surprised as my brother Mark and I submerged his G I Joe underwater Frogman so often the suit deteriorated from years of play.

There were so many items for sale I got overwhelmed then needed to leave. Not enough variety is not good, too many offereings is chaos. Can't say how long we stayed except I got a healthy, sprinkling of freckles so it was time I got out of the sun. That and the fact that the half bushel of Beefsteak Tomatoes and four ears of Sweet White Corn was getting really heavy to carry even though Kara and I split the weight between us.

Yes, I was a good girl on this trip, had a great time with Kara, supported our local farmers and easily walked right past the hot dogs, french fries and kettle corn booths. My mind was set on a quick trip to our local Dash's Market for some fresh, wild Salmon and Whole Wheat Kaiser Rolls then home to assemble lunch. Jim was on the phone with his mother when we returned telling her the girls were out somewhere but he was sure we would return soon with something good for lunch ;~)

Fresh Wild Salmon on a toasted Whole Wheat Kaiser Roll, with generous slices Beefsteak Tomato, Romain Lettuce and a hint of Tartar Sauce. Perfect with Sweet White Corn & Bread & Butter Pickles as a healty alternative for Holiday Picnic Meal.

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