Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -- Albert Einstein

It is a great comfort for me to believe in a Higher Power knowing that I not responsible to be the center of the universe. Born into a family of actively practicing Roman Catholics, I am the product of twelve years of Catholic education who actually still believes in God. Not a God of vengeance and hate but a God of Justice and Love. God does not belong to any one religion, in fact, religion has done more harm than good portraying the Great Spirit, Creator of the Universe. My brothers & I have always laughed that if the people who speak for God are the only ones in heaven, we don't want to go there.

Believing in the power of miracles is one large benefit that comes from believing in a Higher Power; everything that happens is not a series of random events. I love to look for clues, ways to connect the dots. How does one experience affects another? Living as an open for adventure person when one door closes I look for the open window following the light to a new path. No experience is a bad experience as long as I learn new lessons from the event.

When we moved to Western New York ten years ago I kept wondering why am I living in this area? Who am I supposed meet during my time in the area? I keep looking for the wonder of the moment during each day. Many positive events have happened to Jimi, Barry, Kara and I from our time living in Clarence. We have met many interesting, kind, hardworking people, as well as, benefited from education and career advancement. Now that our children are adults the need to be here is less important. Jim and I have done our job, educated Barry and Kara and are now free to move into a less stressful lifestyle in a smaller home out of the Lake Erie snow belt with seven month winters.

A few years ago, before this recent economic slow down hit, moving to a new town could be rather simple following a few steps; research new town, find house, find job, sell present home and move. With the slow down on real estate sales this is not a easiest time to relocate. The situation is a bit more challenging yet not impossible.
Enter Higher Power.
Beginning today I am starting an experiment in positive thinking to set a miracle into motion...
I intend to put the gears in motion for the relocation project. Looking for an openings, as the events reveal themselves, I will post the progress...

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