Friday, February 19, 2010

I love you and that's all I know...

" I bruise you, you bruise me We both bruise too easily, too easily to let it show I love you and that's all I know ."
Jimmy Webb
Since I began my on going art project, Flowers of Secrets, a few weeks ago I have had the opportunity to speak with many females. Females of all ages from teen age girls, young women in their twenties, middle age women and even older women relate to the pain of carrying a secret that makes them feel like "trash".
The first question women want to know is where I find these secrets. Do I know who belongs to the secret? How will that female know I am praying for her, elevating her secret from trash to a treasured piece of art work?
My answer is simple; have you seen the movie Avatar? I related more to the Avatar world of nature, spirituality, interconnectedness theme than to the human army group. Not a fan of military tactics to break an individual down then remake them in my own way, I believe when one of us is hurting all of us hurt. Like the huge tree in the movie Avatar, I see us connected, like an invisible root system, in one giant community.
The most common theme of the women's secrets revolves around a sexual experience that left these women feeling empty. The handmade postcard from above captures the vicious cycle of both males and females trapped in a vicious circle of being hurt then hurting another person to make themselves feel better. This in turn creates another person damaged by sex without commitment. Fearful of true intimacy this person goes out to infect, damage, destroy, then toss away another person... All this attack with sex, overpower then leave quickly, fearful that the other may leave them if they really knew who they are, provides me an endless supply of Flowers of Secrets to elevate from trash to treasure. Unfortunately it also leaves too many walking wounded souls wondering the earth looking for someone to build their ego.
Has our EGO been used as a way of
E easing
G God
O out ???
PS I am a hard worker, I need more used coffee filters for my ongoing project trash to treasure.
No need to rinse them out, just shake out the grounds, toss the used coffee filters into a plastic bag, toss in the freezer until you want me to pick them up. I'll rinse them off, the stains are in important element in my work. Thank you so much for any contributions of used coffee filters you can offer. The need for your trash is urgent now !!! Please help ;~)

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