Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland in Buffalo, New York

"The Center Piece of the 1st Annual Buffalo Powder Keg Winter Festival is the World's Largest Ice Maze. The Maze was completed Thursday night 2.25.10 and contains almost 2,200 - 300lb blocks of ice. Amanda Mochan from Guinness World Records was in Buffalo to confirm and make the presentation to Jeff Empric of the "Roaming Buffaloes" adventure club and Newell Nussbaumer of Buffalo Rising, Co-Founders of the Powder Keg Festival. The Maze beats the record set in Toronto in 2005."

Chewbacca the Wonder Pomeranian slept all day Saturday while we cleaned, painted and packed a few more boxes. As the daylight slipped away I got dressed in layers preparing to attend the Powder Keg Festival in downtown Buffalo.

Chewie can always sense my excitement began to bark and jump around showing his enthusiasm to be included in this adventure.

Kara went back on Sunday afternoon with her friends to find the line for the maze was down the block to Main St. where the night before we walked right in from the parking garage at the HSBC. Over 60,000 people took advantage of the lovely Winter Powder Keg Festival 2010

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