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"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. "Oscar Hammerstein from the musical The King & I 1956

" Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. Getting to know you, putting it my way, But nicely, You are precisely, My cup of tea. "
 Oscar Hammerstein  from the musical The King & I  1956

Little did I know my last blog entry about high school reunions would cause such a big commotion.   Obviously, high school reunions are a bit of sticky wicket for many as that blog entry has had hits from people around the world who must be trying to make the decision, "should I stay or should I go" ???

High school was an alright time for me. Being a bit of a wild pony the dress code rules were pretty lame. Canevin is a Catholic school where the girls wore a grey pleated skirt that was supposed to be to the knee when you knelt on the floor. Not a problem as most of us rolled those skirts up until we had two more cheeks to powder.  Uniform also had a navy blue blazer that was fine because it the a classic design and having pockets is always a good thing.  We wore a white blouse under this blazer and that was the place I pushed the limits of the dress code by always wearing colorful  knee socks that coordinated with my bra.  Many times I was stopped in the hall and given a talking to by some well meaning nun.  As a girl with an eye for fashion & design I not going to dress like the rest of the pack. I always listened very nicely, nodded my head and kept expressing my individuality with those colorful bras and knee socks.
A girls got to do what a girls got to do ;~)
I don't remember anyone being mean to me in high school, however, the ones that were kind will always have a prominent place in my memories.
As I said in the last blog;

  • Five Year Reunion was too soon, besides I was pregnant with Barry and involved with different interests. 
  • Ten Year Reunion Kara was an baby, I was still nursing and didn't want to leave her. 
  • Twenty Year Reunion was 1994 the year my mother died followed in death by my father seven  months later.  I was the primary caretaker for them during the three years before they died as well as a wife and mother.  Reunions were the last thing on my at that time.
 I did not avoid  my reunions for any other reason than I was busy with my life.
After my last blog entry Wayne Caruthers writes a retort in his blog about why he enjoys attending the Reunions. Evidently our blogs were making a buzz on face book.  Dan Blankowski calls me out a deep sleep one evening last week asking me what he could do to get me to attend the 36th Reunion, Saturday night.  Dan was so sweet, we chatted for an hour.  I had info on many of the students that were on the MIA list.   How could I refuse the "Red Carpet" treatment from Mister Personality, Dano ???  

Next day I shot him an email,  OK,  count me in;~)

At Dan's suggestion I am going to request you respond to my blog.  Who are you ???

 I told him it would be interesting too see what we all look like now and that I was not so much interested in your degrees or how financially successful you are.
I am very  much interested in WHO ARE YOU ???
  •  How do you make this world a better place??? 
  •  Do we have anyone in our class who invented something to improve the quality of life??? 
  • Any medical researchers with break through discovery??? 
  • Do you help feed the hungry in a soup kitchen or sew blankets for the sick??? 
  • Are you volunteering to teach someone how to read that would otherwise struggle with being illiterate??? 
  Who are you ???

 The opening brunch the morning of the reunion was a good way to us get to know each other as adults.  When I told the ladies I had invited my grade school/ high school friend Wayne and his lovely wife Linda to the lunch they said, "Carol, how could you invite a guy to our hen party."

                   Pleased to say we all had a great time and they are all now friends on face book too.  

Above Pat Topol Shank, Joan Plouy Goyke, Wayne Caruthers, his lovely, wife Linda who listened to a weekend of stories about people she did not even know and  she took many of the group images for us. 
Thank you Linda ;~)
Trish Mullen Riani, Karen Keane Janes, Mary Jo Mariani Bondi
Hard to pull ourselves away from the Getting to Know YOU Brunch...
One last quick pic outside until we saw each other again that evening.  At the brunch Pat decided to attend the Reunion also.  Some people follow the crowd with ease, they don't want to be left out. Others are busy dancing to their own beat and need to see something interesting to move us out or our zone into the crowds. 
We decided that going to at least one class Reunion was worthy of the list Ten must do things before I die
Sorry I missed the official get together sponsored by class mate Frank Daily the night before @ his establishment Burghs'
 News is PREUNION ... at Burgh's in Bridgeville was a ROUSING success, thanks to '74 classmate FRANK DAILY and his staff. The service was impeccable ... the hospitality was extraordinary, and the pizza & wings were SUPER!!! You can visit Burgh's online at www.bpwp.net
 If you haven't been to Burgh's yet, please visit soon (and often) and try the food and the service!!
THANK YOU to Frank for the Preunion party!!!  
I know I'll be going to Burghs's soon as I won the gift certificate he donated as a  prize at the Reunion later that night.
Next blog will be about my experience of attending a class Reunion after 36 years.  Waiting for more images before I write the post. You can tell you right now.  I had a WONDERFUL EVENING ;~)

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