Monday, June 20, 2011

"Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards." Author: unknown

" Remember...

Stressed spelled 

backwards is Dessert "


A visit to New Orleans is a great way to forget about life for awhile.  There is so much music, food, laughter and fun that your cares will surely melt away in the merriment. 

Sorry we did not learn the name of this talented group of musicians playing on the corner on St. Peter St. right outside of the fresh food market that offered a wonderful selection of fruits, veggies, 
cheeses as well as wine and beer.

                                     Night time on Bourbon Street Statue ala New Orleans flavor ;~)
                                       Many women set themselves free on Bourbon St. in New Orleans ;~)

                                                                    Killing Me Softly
There are almost too many talented artists competing for your singing, music and dancing dollars in clubs, bar, cafe's and out in the street.

                                                 Interesting mix of Religious and Voodoo cultures.

                     Roach   -You are going to see a bug like this when you are in the south.

                             These precious little angels are enjoying a break from morning classes to dance.
                                         When the Saints Go March In  - Louis Armstrong

                                                           Art for sale @ Jackson Square

 This cemetery is lovingly cared for by a group of volunteers.
A nice man took us to this open grave for a look inside.

 Because there was so much vandalism this grave is left open for curious people to see inside the tombs.
Lafayette Cemetery Number 1 
1400 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70115

Right across the street from this cemetery is the Commanders Palace. 
 " Particular attention was paid to the heart and soul of the restaurant; the kitchen and the dishes created there. Commander's cuisine reflects the best of the city, both Creole and American heritages as well as dishes of Commander's own creating. Seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables; everything is as fresh as it possibly can be."

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