Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"What we play is Life." Louis Armstrong

St Joan of Arc
"What we play is Life."  Louis Armstrong

The people of France gave the golden bronze statue of Joan of Arc to the City of New Orleans in 1972. (Note: This statue is an exact copy of the famous 1880 Emmanuel Fremiet equestrian statue of Joan located at Place des Pyramides, Paris.) This statue was originally located in front of the International Trade Mart building but it was moved in 1999 to its present location of the 'Place De France" on Decatur Street in the French Quarter next to the French Market on Decatur Street.

New Orleans is wonderful playground of music and food.
New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park
Preserves the origins, early history, development and progression of jazz: includes information on facilities and programs.

Every visit to New Orleans must include rest at Cafe Du Monde.

These workers are busy all day

The tables and air are sticky with the sweet taste of confection sugar and chicory flavored coffee.
Jimi waiting patiently for his coffee and beignets.

Here is a link for some recipes to try making these famous fried dough at home. http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/cooking/msg021302169917.html
The dough has an distinct taste of baking soda that is offset by the confection sugar. One order of beignets was more than enough for two to share.

I ordered the salad while Jim enjoyed the Oyster Poor Boy when we stopped to enjoy lunch in outdoor restaurant The Gazebo Cafe. The music entertainment is wonderful.   While you are here you might want to try the deep fried alligator. 

 Savory Seafood Cheesecake was an excellent snack to share @ the Crescent City Brewhouse
French Quarter: 527 Decatur across from Jackson Square.  We enjoyed this with at Beer Sampler.

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