Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Savannah Revisited

"This communicating of a man's self to his friend works two contrary effects; for it redoubleth joys, and cutteth griefs in half. " Francis Bacon

Jimi, Kara and Chewie our Wonder Pomeranian made the long journey from Clarence, New York with me to close up my apartment studio in Savannah, Georgia this week. When you have a difficult task to do, it is best to surround yourself with faithful friends then have as much fun as possible getting the job done. I was ambivalent driving back to Savannah. Many wonderful memories of the beautiful city numerous strangers that were kind to me as I sojourned in a strange land flooded my thoughts. Unpleasant memories also peppered my head. Memories of how I constantly lowered my expectations as I tried to find new ways of being content in an environment where I was not a good fit from the start.
Why had I not seen these potential points of conflict during the open house days? The Southern Hospitality was palpable during the three days I surveyed the campus environment before making my final decision to attend. All visitors were plied with a copious breakfast, a bountiful buffet lunch and mid day sweets, washed down with abundant servings of the Sweet Tea for which I never could acquire a taste. Everyone was smiling during Open House and Orientation Days like they were on Prosac as big as jawbreakers.

The Mission Statement promises "to prepare talented students for professional careers, emphasizing learning through individualized attention in a positively oriented university environment." Where do I sign up?
Who would not benefit from being in the aforesaid environment?

I quit my job as an Adjunct Instructor, packed my loom, pounds of yarns, hundreds of pounds of books, complete studio of Fiber Reactive Dyes, chemicals, beakers, scale as well as enough acutriments to open my own Fiber Studio. Accompanied by my husband for the past 31 years, I moved into an apartment where I would be on my own for the next two years. Jim had complete confidence, reassuring me that I was doing the right thing to follow my lofty ambitions advancing my education during my middle age years. Middle age if I live to be 104 that is.

Jim and I had gotten married when I was young. We met in a German class while we were both liberal arts majors, still students, not really sure what major to study. After dating for four years we married in May 1978. I was just 21 years old wanting mostly to spend my life being his bride. We were blessed with my dream family a son now grown to a successful businessman. Barry is now a vice president with his company a title he tells me everyone has or else they are out. Four years after Barry was born our family was complete with the birth of Kara now a confident, strong, compassionate young woman I am proud to call my best friend. Kara inherited my artistic personality, majored in art in both high school and college is now employed as a graphic designer. Kara is my muse, my partner and my confidant My family had rallied around my choice to go back to college for personal enrichment, they encouraged me to pursue a degree in design. They were with me as I marched with the graduates to accept my diploma. It was my family that backed me one hundred percent to attend graduate school so I could be around people who would talk about art with me. Mostly they desired their ears could have a break from my incessant enthusiasm about art.

No time for a recipe today. Have to keep packing...

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