Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from rice rafferty; a company of women specializing in women's apparel and accessories. Founded in 2009 by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty & daughter Kara Rice Rafferty. We are committed to improving the quality of life for women through education. Kara and I are funding an educational grant for women returning to college in search of a better life. Ten percent of the profit made from the sale of our products is reserved in an education grant to be announced.

After twenty-two years supporting my husband in his career ambitions, working as a full time mother raising Barry and Kara, as well as, serving as a caretaker for my mother and father simultaneously for three years while they were terminally ill; I finally created time to pursue my dreams to study art in college.

Returning to college at age 45 as a design student I was awarded a Buffalo State College Fellowship Summer Research Grant 2005. Throughout that summer I researched the old art of Devoré, along with Fiber Reactive Dyes and Dye Discharge techniques. For the past four years I have been perfecting my craft through much research, trial, error and experience has gone into the perfection of my craft.

While, Devoré is simple, it is not easy.

First as a student, then as an Adjunct instructor at Buffalo State College, I shared my knowledge with the Fiber Design student for two years. I resigned from that position to pursue more education as at Savannah College of College for Art & Design in the graduate program. Since Devoré is no longer part of the SCAD program due to the caustic nature of the chemicals, I continued to work with my daughter Kara creating one of a kind pieces in silk velvet Devoré.

Devoré, from the French word for devour, occurs when sodium bisulphate is applied to the cloth, dried, then heated. The heat process causes the sodium bisulphate to eat away at the fabric, leaving the treated area transparent. Devoré, is a process that has been used in the fashion industry for many years. Originally it... was known as "poor man's lace" and was called "broderie chimique" in Europe because it was used to simulate magazine embroidery. The main use of Devoré, has been on cut velvet fabric with a pile of viscose or rayon on a silk warp/backing.

With full knowledge of the dangers from working with these materials, like a moth to the flame, I return to my craft for the love of the art of Devoré.

rice rafferty is proud to offer one of a kind wearable art scarves and jacket/capes made with love for years of luxurious enjoyment.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased our products, supported our endeavour to improve the quality of life for women through good aesthetics and education.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours from Carol Ann & Kara of rice rafferty.

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Ten percent of every dollar made from the sale of our products is reserved in an education grant

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