Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"The world is a carousel of color,

"The world is a carousel of color,
Wonderful, wonderful color."
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color lyrics

Holidays stir up memories of childhood for many people. We remember people with whom we shared our early days, traditional holiday foods and yes the special gifts we received as children that we will always treasure. When I was around five years old I received a tin box, embossed, painted, hinged with a slot in the top to be use as bank. Almost fifty years later I still have this box and the memory of it's contents; underpants delicately embroidered with the days of the week each in a different color.
I loved wearing those underpants and was careful to wear them in the correct order.
This new collection of long skinny scarves by rice rafferty reminds me of days of the week underpants, enjoy a different color everyday of the week.

Each one of a kind, hand dyed, individual patterned skinny scarf is either 7 x 70" or 7 x 90", looks great worn alone to wrap yourself in color or layered two or more to create your unique look.

Items can be custom made; size, hues, pattern design to fit you.

Remember, no two scarves are ever alike, this is the difference between investing in an original painting or a paint by numbers kit.

Select as gifts for special people or wrap yourself in luxurious rayon/ silk velvet

rice rafferty will be available at Historic Campgrounds, Unique Holiday Boutique in Ossining, New York. (Hudson River area)

Buy American made, quality products, support local craftsmen and artists.

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