Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Althea Harper visits Clothes Bar in Williamsville, NY ;~)

How handy was this ??? Friday afternoon, just as I am going out the door to work an all point bulletin from Nancy Finlayson, contact person for American Sewing Guild in Buffalo, NY. http://www.asg.org/

"Althea Harper from Project Runway will be having a trunk show at The Clothes Bar 4401 Transit Rd, Williamsville, New York tomorrow 5-22 from 1-5:00 PM. She will showcase her spring/summer 2010 collection and will answer questions about her time on the show and also her design career. "

Althea Harper from "Project Runway" is one of the fashion designers competing on season 6 of the Lifetime reality series. Althea from "Project Runway 6" currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, but is originally from Dayton, Ohio. Althea Harper is 24 years old.Althea Harper is a recent graduate from University of Cincinnati (College of Design Art Architecture and Planning) and Central St. Martins in London
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBJQmYRTEig a clip of Althea from Project Runway 6.

Kara and I have to agree with Althea after our fabulous learning experience as designer and model in recent fashion show; Technology: Progression/Obsession is the theme of this year’s Runway 3.0 fashion extravaganza. Staged in the dramatic, storied industrial space of the Pierce Arrow administration building, Elmwood Avenue, on May 1, by faculty and students in the fashion and textile technology program.

My collection Ultra Feminine Warrior opened the show as an Alumni of Buffalo State College. Even though I was not in the student competition for prizes, Althea is right, everyone is a winner from the experience of being part of a fashion show.

Having an opportunity to speak with Althea was too good to pass up. Kara and I met at the Clothes Bar shortly after 1:00 as this was a trunk show and we did not want to miss anything that might be sold early in the afternoon.

This was my first time in Clothes Bar. I missed the grand opening while I was a studying in the graduate program @ Savannah College of Art & Design.

Walking into the Clothes Bar is a pleasant surprise even if no celebrity is in the shop to greet you when you arrive. The Clothes Bar features garments, as seen on celebrities, geared for the young or at least young at heart with small waistlines and small wallets. Don't miss the wall of fame collection featuring celebrity fashion photos including a sweet, laugh @ the rain coat designed by Althea Harper worn by Beyonce that sold actually sold @ Clothes Bar for $1,100.

Tall and statuesque, it would be easy to confuse Althea for a model instead of the designer. She was at ease moving around the shop meeting and greeting the customers and sharing stories of her experience on Project Runway 6.
Be sure to visit Clothes Bar, located on Transit Rd. between Brennen's Bowery Bar and Bed, Bath & Beyond for an upscale shopping experience at very reasonable prices ;~)


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