Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carol Ann Rice Rafferty
Buffalo State College- Design BS Alumna May 2006
Ultra Feminine Warrior – celebrating energy, creativity, sacred power of women. My collection of wearable art includes; garments, objects and accessories inspired from military armor such as gorgets, gauntlets and gaiters illuminated with technological fiber optic elements.
Color pallet and materials used to create the line.
Turquoise, spring green, yellow gold, mauve and deep taupe hand dyed silk garments embellished with ecru tulle, up cycled jewelry, beads and fiber optic glowby hair lights incorporated into the art wear.
Eye makeup – a dramatic palette of hues extending beyond the eye creating a mask effect or feminine war paint.
Hair – braids where possible to repeat the pattern of the garments.
Song - Bulletproof - La Roux

Turquoise 100% silk charmeuse off one shoulder tunic, hand stitched construction, adorned with up cycled jewelry embellishment.

Short summary for history of a Tunic;

This longer skirt is Light Bubbled Gauze 100% Silk, features a deep side slit, elastic waist band for comfort and easy fit.

The outfit is accessorized with a bib necklace inspired from a gorget.

"Gorget originally was a steel or leather collar designed to protect the throat. It was a feature of older types of armour and intended to protect against swords and other non-projectile weapons. Later, particularly from the 18th century onwards, the gorget became primarily ornamental, serving only as a symbolic accessory on military uniforms. "

Bracelets made of ivory tulle inspired by a gauntlet with fiber optic lights as a focal point.

" Gauntlets, about 1614. V&A Museum no. 1386&A-1888
Historically, gauntlets were an important piece of armour, since the hands and arms were particularly vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat. With the rise of easily-reloadable firearms, hand-to-hand combat became less common and so gauntlets lost most of their strategic value."

Miss Allie, an Afternoon Group Leader and math major @ Canisius College said she felt beautiful, confident and very comfortable wearing selection number two. In addtion to her math skills Miss Allie brings her expertise as an Irish Step Dancer to the students. see blog for images of Allie dancing in Buffalo St Patrick's Day Parade.

Thanks Allie for being part of the ricerafferty team on Runway 3.0 ;~)

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