Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ultra Feminine Warrior – celebrating energy creativity, sacred power of women." carol ann rice rafferty

Having both the freedom to create and the spirit to achieve the process of assembling this collection was pure joy from conception to final walk on Runway 3.0 fashion show.

No longer limited by the confines of getting a grade or passing a review my collection of wearable art includes; garments, objects and accessories inspired from military armor such as gorgets, gauntlets and gaiters illuminated with technological fiber optic elements.

The journey provided the pure joy as I was researching trends, finding inspirations, drawing sketches, dyeing yards of luxurious silk, sewing countless woman hours of both hand an machine stitching.

Chills filled my body as I watched six special young women bring my work to life on the runway.
Ultra Feminine Warrior collection has been building in me for over forty years. It grew out of my love of sewing garments, social studies and history. When I was in high school I wrote my research paper on Fashion as a Reflection of Social Change. Returning to college when my youngest child began college I was awarded a Summer Research Grant Fellowship focused on learn textile and fiber reactive dyeing skills to create my own textile. Honestly, I have become a bit of a textile snob. Now I am no longer willing to work with fabrics and colors available to anyone else.

Although ultra feminine and soft to the hand, my work is laden with dichotomies; soft & sexy yet independent & capable. The collection consists of both fashion garments and art objects inspired by military armor.
My research revealed that Turquoise, one shoulder styling, braided hair, floral elements, bright, luscious hues all fashion trends for Spring 2010 were taken into consideration when I was creating my collection.

From ricerafferty Ultra Feminine Warrior sketch book

Simple wrap dress is made of 100% habotai silk, dyed a spring green can be wrapped in multiple ways to create a few different looks from one garment. Adorned with a bib necklace and fiber optic light leg accents inspired by military gaiters.

The first dress has braids, pattern of strength was repeated throughout the garments and hair styling from the Viking Warriors - red hair people are often of Viking decent. Her gaiters inspired from part of a military armor over the shoe or boots.

Fiber optic lights were embedded into all elements made of ivory bridal veil illusion in keeping with the Runway 3.0 theme Technology- the extremes we go to get noticed ;~)

Unfortunately during Runway 3.0 the flashes of fiber optic lights were not visible as the house lights were too bright. A more in depth explanation of the bib necklace is in my blog.

Kristen Wright opened Runway 3.0 strutting with confidence and poise in the first selection of my Ultra Feminine Warrior collection.
Creative genius runs in Kristen's family. Kristen boasts Nikola Tesla as a relative about whom her grandmother has shared many wonderful family stories.

Thank you Kristen for being part of our the ricerafferty team for Runway 3.0 ;~)

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