Monday, September 27, 2010

“Surgery is the red flower that blooms among the leaves and thorns that are the rest of medicine.”

“Surgery is the red flower that blooms among the leaves and thorns that are the rest of medicine.”

Dr. Richard Selzer

Tuesday September 28th 2010 my surgery date is tomorrow.  I selected that date because my mother always said, " Tuesday is a good news day. "  I was born on  a Tuesday and so was my mother.  I am so ready for this surgery. Got my pre surgery EKG, no silent heart attacks, Blood CBC looks good and a clear Chest X ray ;~)  Today the weather was a bit dreary so I opted for the 8 kilometers inside on my Schwinn Airdyne Stationary Bike instead of my usual walk around Clarence Town Park.

This past weekend was a dream come true having Barry, Meghan and Kara all together for the weekend.  During the course of three days we visited many galleries. First stop Friday evening Kara and I hit up El Musio in Allentown with an extra stop at Allen St. Dress to see what is new.

Kara treated me to sushi and salad for dinner @ Sea Bar  then we walked to another opening @  Western NY Book Art Collaborative

Quick drive up Delaware Ave to Hallwalls and Starlight Gallery where I saw my old friend Phyllis from Buffalo State College and met new friends Eileen and Joe.   Kara went on to CEPA Gallery I headed home after a wonderful night seeing art and meeting new and old friends.

Saturday was jam packed with excitement as we toured University of Buffalo North Campus Center for the Arts.  We lingered for a few hours on the UB Campus as Barry and Kara shared memories of their years attending UB  as we toured of the campus. My, my where does the time go ??? Seemed like yesterday that I attended the parent orientation talks and tours.  It was nice to remember all of the times on campus visiting art opening and academic events for Barry and Kara.
Next stop was on to the Carnegie Art Center where Jim got into the interactive art on a Moog Theremin  Touching story of an Elephant who out lived her usefullness and suffered and died form a broken heart.
Next stop Jim treated us to delicious variety of soups, appetizers and entrees we shared around the table at Saigon Bangkok

 Last stop for the night was at the Anderson Gallery to take in the extra ordinary art from the Annette Craven Collection. as well as new works.

Sunday morning was peaceful at morning mass @ 11:00 then back out to openings with Kara beginning with Erie County Historical Society.
We arrived after all the food and most of the people were gone however just in time to congratulations to Melissa Wertman Brown,  Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Director of Research and Interpretation where she is caring for the remains of other peoples lives.  While you are there be sure to check out the architecture cake art in the glass vitrine in front that are not anymore permanent than the Pan American Exposition building of 1901.

Quick walk down Elmwood Ave. to the Burchfield Penny Art Museum where Kara and I touched base with the ladies in the Museum Shop. Time to deliver more ricerafferty Devore scarves to keep women warm and fashionable this winter. Two of our Statement Necklaces will be available in the shop soon.

Hair styles - my Mother always called my hair a woman's Crown and Glory ;~)
Kind of an " End of the World as We Know It " theme going on here.

When you are not making art be art. 
Barry, Meghan, Kara and I refuse to put away the summer sandles.

Short walk across the street at 4:00 and we arrived at the Albright Knox Art Museum.   for two more hours of great art, meeting new friends and exchanging greeting with many well known artist from Western New York.  Completely satisfied, our hunger and thirst for good art satisfied we enjoyed a drink in the courtyard filled with music and laughter.

The evening was not over yet as we were invited to Jordan Slingerlands aka Dexter party.

We all had "BLAST" at Jordan's Dexter Morgan party.  I actually never heard of the Dexter Morgan show before and I could not stay in the room to watch the show during the murder scenes.  Wonderful long, non stop weekend with family and friends.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive with well wishes and prayers throughout my medical testing.  After such a rich full weekend filled with art, family and friends I am so ready to climb on the surgery table.  I will be happy to put this all behind me then to get back to my business, teaching and making art.

 Please pray for Kara's co worker who will have surgery on the same day.  She has to deal with a biopsy of malignant cells and the course of treatment best for her condition.  Please join me in wishing Laura well and good health.
  Eat your fruits and veggies, keep moving, stay positive, pray for peace and good will, take vitamin D if you live in the north country like I do.  
Looking forward to writing my next post when I am on the mend ;~)  Carol Ann

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